Your retailer can read the meter remotely. Government-owned meters were installed as part of the NSW metering scheme and are subject to a metering service charge to cover the cost of operation and maintenance in accordance with the national metering standards. Traditionally being a part of the electrical grid infrastructure, a smart meter is an electronic device that allows for remote monitoring and recording of energy consumption. Your retailer will ask you a few questions to check that it is safe before remotely reconnecting your electricity. #dynamictocnative li { You can also get more information about connecting your solar PV system to the electricity network from your electricity distributor, which will be Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy or Essential Energy. Go to the electrical compliance requirements page for details on how to use CCEW 'Smart' PDF form. Traditional meters are read every three months. Go to the electrical compliance requirements page for details on how to use CCEW 'Smart' PDF form. Before the meter can be installed your retailer may organise someone to inspect the meter board and isolation fuses. } An embedded network is a private electricity network with a single main electricity meter (parent meter) connection and many ‘child’ meter connections at individual sites. Smart Meters in New South Wales The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme was introduced by the NSW Government in January 2010. Information on the reasons why charities are created. You will need to pay for the upgrade. To fast track that process, you can choose to send us your data. You could be charged for meter readings. The rules you must follow when you are raising funds for a charity. Estimated meter readings are a thing of the past. Your retailer will organise for a meter to be installed within 15 business days, unless another date is agreed. A meter board may need to be replaced for various reasons such as old wiring, not having an isolation switch and not having enough space on the board. Ausgrid no longer provides some metering services. If you have been disconnected because you have not paid your electricity bill, call your retailer immediately to pay your bill and arrange for your electricity supply to be switched back on. The remote readings are 30-minute interval kWh data, which are sent through to our metering and retailer billing systems by your retailers appointed meter data provider. These solutions offer a broader range of remote monitoring and alerting capabilities as well as provide powerful data analytics tools to help companies and individual users optimize their energy, wat… if (first === false) { Send us your smart meter results in batches by email to There is no established scientific evidence that the low levels of EMFs from smart meters cause any health effects. However, in the age of IoT and IoT platforms, standalone smart meters give way to more advanced and multi-purpose smart metering solutions. Your retailer will organise for a meter to be installed within 30 business days, unless another date is agreed. You must contact your retailer to arrange for a new smart meter if your current meter cannot support two-way electricity flows. Motor vehicle repairs, maintenance and fees. The RF EME emissions from smart meters and other wireless devices used for communication are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This confirms the work has been done by a registered electrical contractor. However, a technician will need to turn off the communication feature if the smart meter has been installed, and do regular meter readings at your premises. Information about the essentials of being part of the building and construction industry. Many common devices, such as mobile phones, also emit EMFs. Contact your electricity retailer if you want a smart meter. [CDATA[// >